Places you should travel in Furano

Overview of Furano

Furano is a popular tourist destination located in the central part of Hokkaido, in Japan. It is a town that is mostly known for its vast fields of lavender and other flowers that bloom from June to September, making it an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers. This town is also famous for its ski resorts, delicious local cuisines, and hot springs. This article will provide you an overview of Furano, including how to get there from Sapporo, the best time to visit, popular attractions, accommodations, and more.

How to Get to Furano from Sapporo

Furano is located about 120 kilometers northwest of Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido. There are several ways to get to this town from Sapporo:

By Train: You can take a train from Sapporo to Furano. There are two types of trains that operate between these two cities: limited express trains and local trains. The limited express trains are faster and more comfortable, but they are more expensive than local trains. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs around 4,000 yen.

By Bus: There are also buses that operate between Sapporo and Furano. The journey takes about 2.5 hours and costs around 2,900 yen. There are also buses that run directly from Sapporo Airport to Furano.

By Car: Driving to Furano from Sapporo takes about 2 hours. If you rent a car, you can enjoy the scenic views of Hokkaido along the way.

Best Time to Visit Furano

Furano is a destination that can be visited all year round, but the best time to visit depends on your interests. If you love winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, then December to March is the best time to visit Furano. The town is covered with a thick blanket of snow during this season, making it ideal for winter activities.

If you’re interested in seeing the beautiful lavender fields, then the best time to visit is from late June to mid-August. This is when the flowers are in full bloom, and you can witness the stunning lavender field at Farm Tomita.

If you prefer milder weather, then autumn (September to November) is the best time to visit Furano. During this season, the trees turn golden and red, providing a picturesque view of the town.

Popular Attractions in Furano

Lavender Fields

As mentioned earlier, Furano is known for its beautiful lavender fields that bloom from June to August. You can visit the Farm Tomita, Lavender East, or Furano lavender fields to enjoy the stunning views and take beautiful photographs.

Ski Resort

Furano is a popular skiing destination in Japan, with two major ski resorts: Furano Ski Resort and Kitanomine Zone. These resorts offer a variety of slopes for skiers of all levels.

Cheese Factory

Furano Cheese Factory is a popular tourist attraction that offers cheese-making workshops, cheese tasting, and souvenirs. You can try various types of cheese made with local milk here.

Accommodation in Furano

Furano has various types of accommodation, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Here are some popular options:

New Furano Prince Hotel

This hotel is located near the ski slopes and offers beautiful mountain views. The hotel has various amenities, including hot springs, restaurants, and cafes.

Naturwald Hotel

This hotel is located near the lavender fields and offers comfortable rooms with beautiful garden views. The hotel has an indoor and outdoor hot spring bath and an on-site restaurant.

Furano La Terre

This hotel is located near the Kitanomine Zone ski area and offers cozy rooms with a private bathroom. The hotel has a hot spring bath and a restaurant that serves delicious local cuisines.


Overall, Furano is a beautiful town with a lot to offer. Its natural beauty, delicious local foods, and winter sports make it a year-round destination for tourists. With proper planning, you can enjoy your stay in Furano and create unforgettable memories.

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